29 April 2007

whatcha doin?

Have you ever felt like putting on your wrestling suit at work? Well, this past year has been very difficult at the hospital where I work. Reading TrenchDoc's blog
made me think about how it seems that none of the administration ever values the experienced staff. Anyway, I definitely have felt the call of the luchadore. I think I'd be the one on the left, but add a flowing turquoise cape to my ensemble.

So, after a year of experiencing my new manager's feeble attempts at managing staff much more experienced than her, I am searching for a new job. I have updated my CV and resume, bought a new suit from Brooks Bros, and warned my immediate family members that I may need to relocate in order to find the right spot for me. I hate doing this, but after bringing forward issues as a group, my colleagues and I were told that "there weren't any real issues presented." Now, I'm not one to rock the boat, but as many of us were targeted and treated unfairly, we banded together to go to HR. To be treated like this has made many of us leave and others to look for new positions. Of course, manager and her boss are spinning this to their advantage; all the while, morale sinks to a new low and turn over rises to a new high - 50%.

If not a luchadore, how about manager of the local Starbuck's? Stock options, beautiful green apron (which may double as cape), and a free pound of coffee a week for those suffering from caffeine addiction. Sounds pretty good to me! If you screw up, everyone gets a free coffee. Much better outcomes than some of my patients. I wonder if Starbuck's experiences as much turn over as our department has in the last year?

How about ER nursing? I could ditch the ole suit and wear my awesome collection of scrubs to work! I'd be able to use my background in triage with my keen wit to learn a new and exciting specialty. When my kiddo goes to college in 3 (count 'em with me) years, I could take my act on the road and see the world. And, I would be able to wear my favorite scrub dress of all time. You know, the one all the old folks think are flowers, but are really flying pigs :D
Hmmmm...that might be fun for a while.